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Article: DIY Raised Garden Bed

DIY Raised Garden Bed

We're bringing back one of our most popular DIYs ever... our 3'x6' raised garden bed! 

Whether you're a crafty person or not, this DIY is simple enough that just about anyone can make this raised garden bed! It is very simple and easy to assemble. Thankfully, I had my sweet husband help me which made the process even more simple and speedy. 

I will say that this DIY is a simple raised garden beds layout just to give you an idea... use your creativity to make it your own!

Years later and I still love these beds.

The only change that we will be making, is adding larger wheels and shortening the legs a bit. But that is totally up to your preference.



Let's get right into it. 



    Watch the video below for a full visual tutorial: 


    • 2 – 4”x4”x8’ posts
    • 4 – swivel caster wheels w/ screw holes (minimum 200 lb load rating; can be w/ or w/o brakes)
    • 2 – 2”x12”x8’ boards
    • 21’ (linear) of 2”x2” boards
    • 8 – steel corner braces (minimum 4” wings to attach corners)
    • 1 – 3’x15’ roll galvanized chicken wire mesh (1”)
    • 1 – large box 2 ½” construction screws
    • 1 – small box 1 ¼” construction screws
    • 1 – box 8mm staples
    • 1 – 5/16” drill bit
    • Tape measure
    • Marking utensil
    • Power drill
    • Circular saw
    • Staple gun
    • Light duty wire cutters
    Q. Does is leak onto your patio when you water your plants?
    A. It does not leak on our patio. But then again, I try to not overwater it. If I do put too much water in then yes, I would imagine that it would go onto the deck.
    Q. Is there enough room for the roots of something like a tomato plant in this?
    A. Yes, there is enough room. 
    Q. What about drainage?
    A. It drains naturally due to using the stones and the mesh under the soil. You could always make your own drainage system using slanted metal sheets or something!
    Q. I noticed in the video you didn’t attach the other 4 steel corner braces in the video. Was this something you did after?
    A. Yes, we did this after. Per instructions, you will need all 8 steel corner braces.
    Q. What kind of soil do you use?
    A. You can use whatever organic and non-toxic soils in addition to adding compost and old coffee grounds. We love doing that! We have our own compost that we incorporate into our soils.
    Happy gardening, 
    Chelsea Henderson (CEO & Formulator) 

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