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Article: Are You Exfoliating For Your Skin Type?


Are You Exfoliating For Your Skin Type?

So, we recently released a blog about the importance of exfoliating once a week! However, there is some nuance to the topic of exfoliation. Now that we've learned why exfoliation is important and necessary and what your skin type is, we want to give you a bit more of a detailed guide concerning your skin type and exfoliation in this blog!  
Below, our herbalist and founder, Chelsea, give her suggestions for how much you should be exfoliating for your skin type!

Exfoliation guide and suggestions:

Even if you use our Coffee Polish 1-2 times a week - you can still do either of our clay masks too. Here is a simple guideline to follow depending on what type of skin you have:
The Coffee Polish is meant to offer more of a top layer exfoliation and helps combat hyperpigmentation and is great at aging gracefully due to the Hibiscus Flower (nature's Botox).
Our masks literally "drink" out impurities and draw (quite literally due to the ion charge in our Detox Clay Mask) out stubborn buildup etc. deeper in the pores. It offers a lighter exfoliation of the top layer but still gets the blood stimulated under the skin for a healthy glow like our polish does.
All our exfoliant are super gentle and can be used in the same week!

Additional things to consider about exfoliation: 



Below is an excerpt from our previous blog about exfoliation. We think this information is very important to consider, so we've added it to this blog post as well. 

1. Exfoliating is a "delicate dance". Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming to your skin! Exfoliating too much can ultimately irritate your skin and break down your oh-so-important skin barrier. The goal is to exfoliate just enough to deeply clear out the skin without damaging the skin barrier in the process. This is why we recommend starting out at once a week to see what your skin can tolerate.

2. We also have the Revive Clay Mask and Detox Clay Masks that can be used gently enough for your second exfoliation of the week. You can also switch between the Coffee Face Polish and our Revive Clay Mask/Detox Clay Mask. So alternating weekly between them, if that's what your skin needs! Please reach out to us if you have more questions about exfoliating with our products. We love chatting with you!

3. Retinols and Retinoids may affect how often you should or shouldn’t exfoliate.

Check out all of our facial masks here... including our limited edition & sale offerings!
Here to help,
Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Founder/Herbalist/CEO/COO)

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