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Article: The Best Way to Naturally Grow Your Lashes and Brows Without the Toxic Serums & Gels

The Best Way to Naturally Grow Your Lashes and Brows Without the Toxic Serums & Gels

By now, many of you have put on your skincare for the day, which may include an eyebrow gel/serum and eyelash serum.

Well, many of you know and love our flagship product (over a decade old now), The Eye Balm™, and have gotten the chance to try our newly launched Brow Styling Wax & Clay. This means that we now officially offer a styling product for your eyelashes AND eyebrows. However, these aren't just styling products. Their ingredients also promote hair growth, which many of you love them for. Plus, both of these products are multipurpose, especially The Eye Balm™ (check out the many ways to use this powerhouse balm!)

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While we could talk all day about the many benefits of these two products, I wanted to highlight their hair growth potential AND chat about conventional eyebrow and eyelash serums.

The way our brow and lash products promote growth is through the powerful but gentle oils they contain. Both of these products contain hair growth-stimulating essential oils and nourishing oils that promote healthy hair follicles and deeply penetrate the follicles. Our Brow Styling Wax & Clay is a brand new product, so you won't see many reviews for it yet (although it has been tested by many different women extensively before release), however, you will notice that our The Eye Balm™ is praised for it's hair growth qualities... we anticipate the same will be said of our new Brow Styling Wax & Clay.

We don't use any synthetic chemicals in our brow and lash-focused products that are commonly found in other products used for lash and brow growth. Why is that? Well, for one, we believe that natural is the best way to go when it comes to what you put onto your skin, because what you put on your skin impacts your overall health. Two, the chemicals in conventional lash and brow serums/products are often toxic and contain harmful ingredients and have been known to cause various side effects. Plus, because conventional lash and brow serums are relatively newer products on the market, enough time hasn't passed yet for studies to show just how long-term these side effects could be. However, from the research that has been conducted on various eyelash growth serums, the side effects seem concerning.

I don't want to frighten anyone, but eye area hair growth-related products contain some pretty questionable ingredients that are known for their toxicity, like synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, harsh preservatives, synthetic waxes, Prostaglandin Analogs (PGAs), and much more. Without writing too much here, many popular over-the-counter and conventional eyelash serums contain PGAs. Some scientific studies are finding that PGAs are known to cause the following side effects: enlarged blood vessels in the eyelid area, upper eyelid drooping, darker under eye circles, darkening of the iris, eyesight decline, and increased thinning and wrinkled eyelid and eye area wrinkles. More side effects could be added to this list... yikes! What about the ones without PGAs? There is still risk with those too because of their preservatives and synthetic ingredients.

The eye area is such a delicate and important part of your body and impacts the way you experience life altogether... risking the health of your precious eyes is just not worth it. Thankfully, you're not without safe options like The Eye Balm™ and the Brow Styling Wax & Clay! Again, both of these have ingredients that promote hair growth and nourishment, without the health risks that alternative products can pose.

As always, we encourage you to do your own research surrounding hair growth brow and lash serums/products to make an informed decision on your own.




Here to help,

Chelsea Henderson (SBA Founder & Herbalist)

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