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Article: Water-Based & Aloe Cleansers vs. Oil Cleansers

Water-Based & Aloe Cleansers vs. Oil Cleansers

SBA friends,

We hope you are having a fantastic day. =)

Perhaps it could be made even better by learning what kind of cleanser would work the best for your skin. Water & aloe-based cleansers or oil-based cleansers?

Let's just dive right into it today... with a question!

Have you ever washed your face and it almost immediately felt uncomfortable, tight, or itchy? Or, you've washed your face and it barely feels like it's been washed? You may be using the wrong cleanser for your skin type! Let's talk about the differences between water & aloe-based cleansers and oil-based cleansers to determine which one (or both!) will work best for you.

*also, check out this super simple way to determine your skin type using our Clarifying Cleanser!

Water & Aloe Based Cleansers

The reason we group water and aloe-based cleansers in the same group is because their functions are very similar.

Our Clarifying Cleanser's first two ingredients are aloe vera and distilled water. Aloe vera and water-based cleansers target water-soluble impurities like sweat, dirt, and even some types of makeup. We like adding aloe vera to our cleanser because it also helps leave the skin hydrated after washing, without interfering with washing away those water-soluble impurities.

Many skin types can benefit from using water and aloe-based cleansers, especially normal to oily skin types.

Oil Based Cleansers:

Oil-based cleansers are made from various types of oils. SBA's Moisturizing Body & Facial Cleansing Oil includes organic sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin e oil. If you read our previous email about oil cleansing, you may be familiar with this info already. But, oil-based cleansers work because oil molecules are lipophilic, which means they attract other oil and fatty molecules to themselves. So, oil cleansers soften and attract other oils, sebum, and impurities trapped in pours and pull them out of the skin in a way that aloe & water-based cleansers can't.

Various skin types can do well will oil-based cleansers, but especially sensitive, dry, and even oily skin types!

SBA's Cleansing Options:

SBA has two primary cleansing options. Our first is the Clarifying Cleanser and the second is our Moisturizing Body & Facial Cleansing Oil. Our Sweet Dreams Glow Balm also can be used as a balm cleanser, which acts as the same way an oil cleanser does.

So, which type, if not both types of cleanser would benefit your skin the most? Well, head over to our blog to read about cleansing routine options for your skin type. Also detailed is why oil cleansing works so well, even for oily skin types!

We hope this has been informative and helpful.

Wishing you well,

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (CEO & Herbalist)

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