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Article: Three Reasons to WAKE UP Your Skin With Caffeine

Three Reasons to WAKE UP Your Skin With Caffeine

& what products we have at SBA to help incorporate it into your skincare routine!


1. Protects your skin! Caffeine is an antioxidant, which is known to protect skin from damage caused by free radicals, which are known to break down your collagen and cause fine lines. Our Coffee Face Polish is PACKED with 100% Kona Coffee Beans for a punch of caffeine, and herbs like hibiscus flower powder which is known as nature's botox! 

2. De-puffs eye area and face. Caffeine can help with micro-circulation! Our Awake Coffee Serum is great to use as a slip solution with our Jade Facial Stone for an entire face de-puffing OR use our serum with our Reusable Eye Masks to de-puff the under-eye area.

3. Soothes inflammation. Caffeine, when blended with the right oils like those present in our Awake Coffee Serum, can help with reduce redness and inflamed skin due to sun exposure. 


Most recent review left for our Awake Coffee Serum: 

"I can't put into words how amazing this Coffee Serum is! It is light weight, effective and smells wonderful! I have always had dark puffy circles under my eyes and nothing I have tried has worked. Until I tried this! I can see the difference after I've used the serum! My eyes look more awake, and the dark circles and puffiness has minimized tremendously. I have been using this for months now and have noticed an overall improvement. I did try with the eye mask, and it's just not for me. I just dab some around my eyes and let sit until I'm ready to go and then softly rub in. I also use it over my entire face on days I feel I need the extra boost. I am so happy with this product and will forever be a customer!"


Okay, now let's see how we can use our two products packed with caffeine to really WAKE UP our skin!

CLICK the photos below to be taken to the YouTube video to see how to apply our caffeine duo!



Thanks for watching!



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