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Article: Your New Favorite Holiday Salad Dressing... Easy Recipe!

Your New Favorite Holiday Salad Dressing... Easy Recipe!

It's Brier here today!

I thought I would share the salad dressing that I can't stop eating. It's my favorite holiday dressing, but I end up eating it all year round because it's addicting!

I prefer to make my own dressings with fresh ingredients because store-bought salad dressings and marinades just don't hit the same for me. A lot of times, the preservatives in them make them taste way less fresh, at least to me. I find that there's a really unpleasant sour aftertaste to store-bought shelf dressings. I like being able to completely customize my dressings to have the exact level of tanginess, spice, and saltiness that I like!

I typically cook without measuring anything, but here's a rough estimate for my favorite holiday salad dressing! It's creamy, spicy, sweet, warm, and tangy! Yum!


-3 tbsp olive oil. I've been using Primal Kitchen's organic cold-pressed olive oil. If you live on the West Coast, you may be able to find these very discounted at your local grocery outlet! I always go to Grocery Outlet first when grocery shopping because they have incredible deals on everyday organic staple foods.

-1/2 to 1 tbsp of honey. Add as much or as little honey to fit your desired sweet preference. This is a great time to use your raw fermented garlic honey or onion honey we discussed in previous emails!

-2 tbsp Mayo. I like Chosen Foods' organic mayo for this one.

-1 tbsp stone ground mustard

-1/2-1 tbsp of red wine vinegar. You can also use apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar, but I especially love the red wine vinegar in this one. You can also squeeze some lemon in there if you like an extra tangy punch.

-1/2 to 1 tbsp chili flakes... Use less if you can't handle the heat ;) I'll also throw a little cayenne in there too because I LOVE super spicy food.

-2 tbsp minced fresh garlic

-1/4 to 1/2 tsp cinnamon

-Pink salt. Or any kind of salt. Taste and salt to your liking. Remember, the mayo already has salt in it!

-A dash of water if you want it thinned out even more. Just taste as you add little bits of water at a time and add more salt or vinegar so it doesn't lose its punch!

Note: Some don't prefer the mayo taste, so you can always omit the mayo and just add more olive oil for more of a vinaigrette dressing rather than a creamy one. Also, try adding in an egg yolk for creaminess if you don't like mayo.


Directions and Notes:

-Combine ingredients thoroughly & enjoy!

-I like to store mine in a glass jar. I honestly don't know how long this lasts in the fridge because I usually go through it so quickly and I make this in small batches. I estimate that this dressing could last about 3 weeks in the fridge in an airtight container because all of the ingredients in the dressing last for three weeks in the fridge or more on their own.

This makes a sweet, tangy, creamy, warm dressing that is so good on any kind of salad. I love pairing this with dark leafy greens, grilled chicken, walnuts/pecans, raw Pepita seeds, thinly sliced apples, and pomegranate seeds... ohhhhh my word! My favorite holiday salad ever!


Pictured above is the consistency of this dressing. I just added some organic, raw, local cheese to the dressing, if you're wondering what the little clumps are in there. Don't ask me why I didn't just add the cheese directly onto my salad. I also added a few more herbs to this batch, but the base is the same as the recipe included in this email. Sometimes I'll switch it up and add some organic bacon and hardboiled eggs to this salad as well.


Again, you can be creative with this one! Add a pinch of ground nutmeg, clove, or allspice for that extra holiday kick!

Here to help,

Brier C. 

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